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Published: 18th February 2011
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Reading this will probably change your life to better. i am about to shown forum members a secret money making system that has been generating cool cash daily into liberty reserve account. this strategy have produced very encouraging result for money,and it is completely LEGAL it has been proven by Oprah Winfrey on her show.....make easy money using liberty reserve spend $12 to make thousand .even if you decided today to abandon all other online businesses and go for this,i guaranty that you could make between $100-200 dollar daily with this step by step FREE guide if you start today.the only requirement is for you to have a liberty reserve account. before I proceed, let me quickly tell you what is Liberty reserve is.

Liberty reserve is a worldwide accepted online payment processor that has been existence since 2002 unlike other online payment processors like moneymakers, pay pal etc

Liberty reserve accept all countries. Liberty reserve is better than the other online payment solution mentioned above in the sense that,

A] they are quite cheap

B]they accept all


C]also the transfer

are IRREVERSIBLE there is no change back unlike other online payment system.


1]You could spend minute, then sit back and make unlimited money

2]you're your boss

3]it is not spamming

4]no 3rd party controlling payout

6]no record to keep

7]no matrix plan

8]No compensation liberty reserve will compensate you.

9]it incorporate liberty reserve instant payout. However thank to liberty reserve and internet and almight GOD .The entire process is faster, easier and more lucrative.


STEP: 1 you need to have to liberty reserve account just go to and create an account is FREE OF CHANGE,Once you have create an account come back here and goto step 2

STEP :2 fund your liberty reserve account with about $13 through liberty reserve liberty reserve appointed exchangers. To find out a list of approve in your country at when searching with google type liberty reserve your country.once you have a liberty reserve account with about $13 in it you can go to 3


To fund your account if you live in Nigeria,you can use this exchanger visit them with this link , . I personally use them both in funding my Liberty reserve account and withdrawing from Liberty Reserve Account to my Naira account.

If you live outside Nigeria, You can use to fund your LR account or you will find good exchangers in your country listed on liberty reserve website

please note that the actual

amount you need is just $12 but i advice you to fund it with $13, because liberty reserve may change you a tiny amount but that one is not want you can worried about.

So let started

Step:3goto,when u get there click on join now the site will

direct you to pay 3 people click i agree and send,the site will then direct you

to pay the first person into his liberty reserve account number then pay,after

payment click return merchant,pay the second person return to merchant again now

finally pay the admin.This is all you have to pay.This all you have to pay 1st

$4, 2nd $4,3rd,$4 that is all making $12 together after all payment is made click

return to merchant you will see where to fill your person data. CAUTION make

sure you fill the correct correct details especially your liberty reserve

account number ,then click on submit,after successful submission you will see

your referral link,copy this for the the next line of action.Thank GOD you are

half done,it is time to make money globally with your link,even

when you are sleeping

STEP 4 go and paste the long referral link you copied into the bar and click on make tinyurl your long referral will now look like mine

STEP 5 .Copy these website of yours and create an articles on how to do it, like the one am giving you now a send at least 200 news groups work, message. start promoting your link on forums, myspaces,facebook,twitter and other social websites. this opportunity is universal you can also go to and search for forums become a member by clicking on registered and introduce this opportunity to them I bet you, they will rush it. i have been receiving hundred of call as testimony, test message, emails. i pray that your own life will change for better if you do it.(amen)

introduce this opportunity to them with your own referral link to them don't worry you won't be able to say when you meet thousand dollar in your liberty reserve account. Example search on google,yahoo,altavista and so on use this format like millionaire message board, money maker groups, opportunity message boards and so on, from my own message board is 320,000 groups world, all you need is just 200 the

more you post the more you earn;

That is the rule.

what you have to do is to let people know about this program with your own referral link on how they can become rich also make you rich,keep posting,no stopping.because is your time to excel.

STEP 7: after the whole posting sit down watch your liberty reserve account, money will keep on coming. liberty reserve will even compensate you. TO GET START VISIT:

for more detail contant me on OR CALL MY NUMBER ON +2348095817974 OR +2347085060234

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